Tables, tables

Tables can help organize information in a simple and easy way. Whatever format we use, they help identify the main ideas, and also help us all see what information we do not have yet. This all allows people to discuss, and helps the facilitator (and all participants) see if they are on track.

The following are an example, as used in several workshops. The blue colour shows information about the capitalization process, while the green colour shows information about the experience itself.

To help orient the capitalization process

Setting the boundaries
To help focus on the selected experience

Description (organizing information)
To organize all the information available and identify which information might still be missing. To udnerstand (a) the initial situation, (b) the intervention process and (c) the current situation.

To reflect and understand the reasons behind success or failure. To generate new knowledge based on a practical experience.

Dissemination plan
To plan for sharing the results of the capitalization process.

Action plan
A plan for completing the capitalization exercise.

A copy on Word is also available:

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