A video-based peer review process

The experience capitalization workshop which took place in Ishaka, Uganda, during the third week of February 2018, included a peer review session. This time we did this orally: every participant talked about his or her work for a few minutes, and this was recorded in a short video.

In short, these videos showed that
• farmer awareness sessions paid off in terms of engagement in what they called “the dot.com project”;
• the “Guidelines on Data Protection and Privacy” which were prepared, endorsed by the boards of NUCAFE and IGTF and made part of the training delivered to the enumerators, helped build trust between farmers and agribusinesses. In the case of IGTF, this led to a larger volume of tea leaf being delivered to the factory for processing (statistical evidence to be elaborated);
• the open-source QGIS was well received by NUCAFE and IGTF. The allocated training inputs (one week) would need to be extended to ensure that sufficient skills are built;
• geolocation information, and in particular farm boundaries, were essential for calculating the inputs farmers require and important in arranging credit;
• data wasn’t necessarily fully analysed to provide evidence of impact (this is being rectified);
• the enumerator training process should address more staff than needed, as selection may be necessary based on performance.
• the ONA online system was essential for managing enumeration. All users expressed satisfaction about its easy functionality. Data uploaded to the ONA platform needed to be downloaded into a local QGIS for a detailed spatial analysis and for decision making;
• QGIS printouts proved to be valuable in getting support and in impressing financial services.

Hear and see each presentation here.

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