A new repository

Since September, this site has a new section: our experience capitalization repository. Put together by IICA and CTA, this focuses on experience capitalization as “a systematic, iterative and participatory process through which an experience is analysed and documented”. This repository in included in this project website but it can also be accessed as a separate page (http://repository.experience-capitalization.net/).


This platform helps to collect and preserve digital materials, and to disseminate them. This uses DSpace, as an open source software package and one which is free and “completely customizable”. IICA designed it following the look and content distribution of the experience capitalization site, and in a way that makes it easy to add records and to find them and show them. All files are divided into either “guidebooks / manuals” or “experiences”; the latter are also divided per organization, and includes the results of the capitalization processes started in different parts of the world.

Do you know of a book or document which is not here, but which you would like to share with your peers all over the world? Please send us a PDF!

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