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Jorge Chavez-Tafur

Learning from operations is often cited as a challenge. IFAD’s development effectiveness framework, for example – including impact assessment and streamlined results reporting – is addressing this. However, the process of analysing and documenting experience-based lessons – going behind the numbers, so to speak – is under-valued. The capacity to analyse and document lessons learned, building on available evidence, is often low, and time is short.

Efforts to build capacity in what is known as “experience capitalization”, “capitalisation” or “sistematización”, have long attracted considerable interest among staff in many projects and organizations. The IFAD grant-funded project “Capitalization of experience for greater impact in rural development” has over the past three years built capacity globally in this approach. Implemented by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), the project was completed in March 2019.

As a follow up, this series of webinars introduce the experience capitalization approach to interested practitioners, and provide initial guidance on how to conduct and facilitate a process.

The recordings of Session 1 – Definitions, planning, participants (October 8, 2019) are available here:

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