Catalysing actionable knowledge to enhance next-generation ACP agribusiness through digitalisation

Drones, satellite images, advisory services, market access platforms, financial services….over the past few years, digitalisation has been applied to agribusiness through many initiatives, projects, activities being developed, piloted, tested and tried in ACP countries.

But what really works? What are the main outcomes that digitalisation can bring to agribusiness and agriculture more widely? And most of all, to what extent can innovative digital solutions improve the performance, competitiveness, and profitability of farmer-led businesses and agri-small and medium sized enterprises (sme) in ACP countries?

To answer these questions, CTA held a three-day workshop (16-18 October 2018) with partners and staff, to assess activities in this area, looking for lessons and opportunities to scale up.

Group Photo

Three days, plus three weeks before…

While the workshop started Tuesday, the actual engagement of participants began online, three weeks prior to the meeting. Over 60 messages were exchanged online, introducing the participants, describing their projects, and identifying some challenges they face.

It’s a writeshop, actually…

The online discussion also helped participants to understand better the process around which the workshop was designed. This is not an academic process nor a conference. More than a workshop, the event is designed like a writeshop – involving all participants to share, present, review and provide feedback, write, create and capture the key ‘insights’ and lessons learned from their activities. The ultimate goal is to produce a series of ‘knowledge’ products with actionable knowledge for practitioners and investors in this area.

Typing, editing, capturing knowledge and experience

Documenting the process

While participants were busy discussing, sharing, mapping projects, and identifying common ground, we mobilised a team of communicators to help document the process.

Three daily video highlights report on Day 1, 2 and 3 happenings:

Other videos will be available on the YouTube Playlist.

More ‘visual’ reporting is available on the Flickr album.

And of course, a lot has been shared and discussed also in Twitter – with over 150 people joining in around the hashtag #cap_exp.

But the best is yet to come – stay tuned to read and watch the products of all the hard work!

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