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The “Capitalization of Experiences for Greater Impact in Rural Development” project is being implemented in different parts of the world by CTA, in collaboration with FAO and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), and with financial support from IFAD. This project aims to facilitate the adoption of an experience capitalization process in rural development initiatives, where it can help improve the analysis, documentation, sharing, and the adoption and use of lessons and good practices – as an approach for continuous learning, improvement and scaling up.

logo organizationsBuilding on the previous experiences of all organizations involved, and having a set of training materials as a starting point, this project responds to the need to develop skills in non-governmental organizations, farmer organizations and development projects and programmes. Individuals and organizations are being empowered with the tools and the skills to identify practices which can be brought to scale, to describe and analyse them in detail, and to share the lessons they learn. The project also works to strengthen both intra- and inter-regional partnerships and collaboration.

At the same time, this project works to create the necessary conditions so that an experience capitalization process becomes regular practice. It looks at the necessary conditions for continuity (sensitizing key players, encouraging participants, demonstrating benefits) and focus on the need to institutionalize a knowledge management perspective within a development initiative.

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