A guidebook for facilitators

In 2017 and 2018, as part of the IFAD-funded project “Capitalization of Experiences for Greater Impact in Rural Development”, CTA, FAO and IICA organized training processes in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific to support local development professionals in such efforts. These local professionals have become “experience capitalization champions”. They discovered the ins and outs of the methodology, and have adapted its use to their local situation.

This facilitation and training guide is meant to assist these “champions”, and others who are familiar with the experience capitalization approach, to support similar training processes independently and help get many
processes started. Maybe you have been asked to facilitate such a process, or maybe you have decided yourself that experience capitalization is a necessary activity in your organization. Either way, this guide is intended for those who have taken up the role of facilitator of experience capitalization processes and/or trainings.

In action

This guide will not teach you about experience capitalization itself, nor will it go much into general facilitation techniques – there are excellent resources that cover these topics, to which reference are made throughout this guide. This guide focuses specifically on how to
help organize and support an experience capitalization process:
• how to prepare it;
• how to involve different stakeholders;
• what to pay attention to during face-to-face or online training sessions;
• how to encourage the adoption of key insights from the process; and
• how to support the institutionalization of the experience capitalization methodology.

The guide is based on the practical experience of the facilitators involved in the experience capitalization project. It offers practical recommendations for facilitators, insights on what has worked well (and what has not), and suggested exercises. In this guide you will find tools that we have used along the way, which you are free to adapt and use in your own facilitation.

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